OpenAI Tools for WooCommerce

Integrate OpenAI with WordPress & WooCommerce, and make your website and store with AI-powered SEO performance.

What can this plugin do?

  • Product Review Generator
    Create highly product-related reviews with reviewer name, email, title, content, and rankings based on topics of reviews.
  • Product Short Description Generator
    Generate SEO-friendly brief for the product with customizable prompts.
  • Product Category Description Generator
    Generate an SEO-friendly introduction for product categories with customizable prompts.
  • Blog Comment Generator
    Create highly blog-related comments with commenters’ names and comments based on topics of comments.
  • Yoast Meta Title Generator
    Extract well search performance meta title for the search engine.
  • Yoast Meta Description Generator
    Extract well search performance meta description of the content for the search engine.

Available Bulk Generator

  • Product short description
  • Product category description
  • Yoast Meta title and Meta description